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Greek myth tells of Philomela, a beautiful and resourceful young woman robbed of her tongue. She communicates through a loom, weaving her tale as a summons to her sister-and savior. A number of variations on Philomela's plight exist, warping through the weft of time; referenced both directly and slyly in countless literary works. While the themes range widely, the message remains the same: give voice to those without. So we must ask, what fresh pathways shall we assemble to speak our truths? 

Saland's work gives creative voice to her particular sense of the world, informed by an idiosyncratic juxtaposition of interests and explorations. Interior investigation, geographic curiosity and spiritual stirrings are central to both process and imagery. Layering, repetitive patterning, filing and the archiving of archeological impulses all contribute to a peeling back to know, recognize, and find meaning. 

This sensibility finds expression in the Philomela collection. The designs shout and whisper, juxtaposing figural and abstract forms, patterns, dreams, and the archetypal images of the feminine-balancing on the wavering line between order and chaos that is art. Equally informed by exotic travel and introspection, embodied in each...is the gratification of the return home-the pleasure in clothing the body and feathering the nest with tales told in textile. Philomela speaks.