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Philomela studio goods that include a tablecloth, placemats, napkins (tea towels), and other table top items in Finding Tahiti and Happiest Place in the World patterns

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Philomela is a California based design studio
offering fine art, textiles, & home goods featuring the work of psychoanalyst/artist Bonnie Saland.
Universal themes, a poetic use of color and artisanal process combine to embrace the feminine in celebration of every space and moment.


"As a designer, I'm always looking for those special fabrics and wallpapers that are perfect for each client.  I'm so glad to have found Philomela!  Their designs are unique, colors are beautiful, and they are a pleasure to work with.  My clients couldn't be happier with the quality of their products, and I will continue to source Philomela whenever possible!"

Larina Kase, Larina Kase Interior Design, Philadelphia, PA

"I have been a wallpaper hanger for over 35 years and in that time I have hung every conceivable type of wallcovering, many of which have been very difficult to hang.  The wallpapers that Philomela has been producing have been some of the easiest I have hung in my career. The instructions are made clear to the professional and do it yourself paper hanger."

Jane Head, English Hang Ups, Gualala, CA

"Calming soft green shades make my Philomela kitchen alcove just the spot for me and my pup Lulu to bide our time.  I love the linen, cool and crisp.  Bonnie’s unique designs make it hard for me to choose which one I like best.  That’s why I chose blue for my bedroom.  Next, I’ve got my eye on my outdoor cushions!  They need the pop that I can count on to brighten up my pool area.  Thanks, Bonnie, for your fabulous work."

Katherine Schwarzenbach, Pasadena, CA