About Us | Bonnie Saland

Bonnie Saland portraitBonnie Saland is a practicing artist and psychoanalyst based in Pasadena and The Sea Ranch, California. A free spirited exercise in investigation surfaces in every pattern she engineers. The compass is of her own making and guides her favorably through the fluidity of production. She weathers the ebbs of change and rides the flow of creation-in her own words, "the Sea is my true north."                                                               

The images comfort and instigate through memory and imagination alike. Experimenting with her own diverse visual language, Saland offers inventive interpretations of the universal themes of birth, survival, death, and regeneration. The subject is frequently felt as a faint, subtle suggestion in a pattern-a stirring within. Still more often, her work beckons as a lighthearted reminder to connect with our own deep spirit. 

Whether working in journal format on the road, or in her California studio space, Saland paints, cuts, pastes, recycles and repeats, incorporating traditional patterning, abstraction, and the poetic use of color in an ongoing reconfiguration. Her work is a salute to combining art and function, and living in creative installation. Philomela is a documentation of an abundant life, rooted in an appreciation for craftsmanship and an appetite for peppering joy and beauty throughout the everyday.