Why Wallpaper?

Why Wallpaper?

If you are looking to create a room of layered pattern and visual complexity, nothing jump-starts the process like wallpaper.  Imagery has the power to cozy up or expand a space, within the context of any design environment.  Depending on the scale and color of the pattern used, a paper can provide subtle textural background, or be the pivotal visual in any room.  This is why we offer all of our 200+ prints in wall covering options.

DIFFERENT ROOMS REQUIRE WALLPAPER WITH DIFFERENT ATTRIBUTES: Get it wet, sponge it down, bang it up – or not; the wallpaper that works for your space depends on your specific needs. Price points are all over the map.  At Philomela we offer multiple grounds and finishes for a variety of budgets for residential or commercial project requirements.

 ADVANTAGES, beyond aesthetics - and by all means do lead with aesthetics:

1.  LONGER LASTING AND MORE ECONOMICAL THAN PAINT. General consensus holds that wallpaper typically lasts well over 15 years (3-5 times longer than paint) making it cost-effective in the long run. So, enjoy the benefit of a gorgeous surrounding, AND save roughly 30% savings in the long term.

2.  Often wallpaper can be sponged off and is EASIER TO CLEAN than paint, perfect for those “lived in” households that accommodate messy living and both two and four legged household habitants.

Although we ARE crazy about wallpaper, one does need to follow BASIC DO’S AND DON’T’S:

1.     Do have a PROFESSIONAL WALLPAPER HANGER measure to avoid end of the job surprises . Ceiling height, architectural detail, moldings, etc. etc. all influence proper calculations. Don’t guess, and don’t assume the provider will fill in the blanks.

2.     For those do-it-your-selfers (and g-d bless) do utilize our standard wallpaper that includes INSTRUCTIONS.

3.     BUY A BIT OF EXTRA.  Nothing is worse than running out of paper, and patching with rolls from a separate run. Our wallpaper guru, and veteran of forty plus years of fine wall covering installations, Jane Head of English Hang-ups, suggests ordering 20% more than the measured square footage.

Wishing you well on all wallpapering ventures. HAPPY HANGING!!! And, PS if you really mess it up, it makes great gift wrap!!


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    I read this whole article and the idea was good.Thanks for sharing information about wallpaper and why we install wallpaper.

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    Love it great idea!

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