Why We Love Digital Printing



The Benefit of Digital Printing

Digital printing in home décor is quickly emerging as a world-wide market, with major growth potential. Here at Philomela, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this industry trend. Offering a well curated, extensive collection of mix and match patterns in a variety of substrates - our product line is suitable for a wide mix of aesthetic styles and periods, and applicable to both residential and commercial use.  We know that many are bumping up against similar questions and concerns about this relatively new printing option, therefore we decided to share why we LOVE digital printing. 

Architects and designers are always looking for new product providing visual innovation and application novelty.  Here are the reasons why digital printing is the wave of the future in the interior design industry: 


Philomela is all about color, THE quickest way to celebrate any space. So, when we searched for printing method, digital printing was a natural choice.  It provides amazing color nuance within a pattern structure, a superlative richness of photorealistic image quality in an endless range of vibrant hue. We start with a fine art piece, almost always using a palette of mixed color, and digital printing allows us to provide prints that are BOTH highly colorful and high quality with color variation that neither woven or screen printed method could provide. 


We know that designers are keen on the unusual, authentic and painterly. A touch of the unpredictable is a surefire way to add life to any room. But, not all folks are on unlimited budgets, and/or necessarily locking into ONE living room for the rest of their lives. SO … for all those clients looking to see the artist's hand, without the cost of a hand-printed case goods, this is your middle path!


The textile ​industry is second only to big oil as THE world class polluter.  At Philomela,​ we do believe in science, and know that there is NO environment more ​important than Mother Earth. ​ Digital printing saves 30% on electricity and uses ​95% less water than traditional printing method.  WE PRINT TO ORDER, ​eliminating the need for warehousing textile stock. Our printers have (only) 3 ​yard minimums allowing for production and custom orders ​in BOTH small and ​large quantities. 


For the designer who wants to get creative and tweak our offerings (and often we find ourselves thinking “now why didn’t we think of that?"), digital printing offers an opportunity to customize in just weeks of turnaround time.  Or, we can collaborate offering “special label” product, custom substrates, special scale, color etc. Anything’s possible.  Again, there is tremendous room for CREATIVE SPIRITS, who ALSO need to ADHERE TO STRICT DEADLINES!

In summary, we are huge fans of digital print method. But this is not Kansas anymore, and there are major differences with digital printing.  So… if a client wants to play (and who doesn’t) and customize a print, we do urge them to print a strike-off with the substrate change.  We spend months calibrating color before we release a print, and color saturation will read differently on different base fabrics.  

Now, in the spirit of ethical hedonism, Enjoy!  We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you. 

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    I’m wondering where you print your wallpaper?

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