The Kindness Book

The magnificent Sonoma Coast, and particularly The Sea Ranch community where our Northern California art studio is located, is surrounded by populations that are organized around survival, not architectural pedigree. For the last five years, we have been honored to lead an art docent program for the 2nd-3rd graders at the local Horicon Elementary School, where children are fortunate to receive a decent meal at lunch, but where there is no budget for art.

Monthly, we head in with an art project and supplies gifting each involved child with their own art kit which they take home at year’s end. Local individuals and the North Coast Artist’s Guild have supported us with time, resources and plenty of opportunities to show at the local art center. For the last three years, under the editorship of Connie King, the students have written and illustrated a book presented locally, this year’s being “The Kindness Book”.  100% of your tax-exempt donation will support the kids and the art program at Horicon School. 

If you would like to learn more about the project or send additional support please reach out to us at

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